4 Replies to “Tāpat

  1. Maybe I dont really want to know
    How your garden grows
    I just want to fly
    Lately did you ever feel the pain
    In the morning rain
    As it soaks it to the bone
    Maybe I just want to fly
    I want to live I dont want to die
    Maybe I just want to breath
    Maybe I just dont believe
    Maybe youre the same as me
    We see things theyll never see
    You and I are gonna live forever

  2. ohoho, sludinātāji arī klāt
    nu ne visi nomirs. tie, kas miroņi po žizņi – kas viņiem ko mirt.

  3. tas tieshi ir ljoti jauki, ka mees nomirsim 🙂 varbuut gan tas ir nejauki ateistiem un tamliidziigiem ar netiiru sirdsapzinju.

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