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About “In One Shot” and drawings

"In One Spot " – it is a picture-book which includes best works of Mareks Ruskuls – 190 (out of almost 1700) were drawn during the period from 1997 to 2008. The main motif of the book runs on “checked ” pictures, i.e. pictures which were born on a piece of checked paper. Though, there are some “non-checked” ones, too. “In One Spot” – it is a kind of farewell to these pictures as Mareks stopped drawing in note-books since the website was created. Now he expresses his “mature” thoughts on white A4/A5 paper.
Thanks to the support of readers publishing of the book became possible. We managed to collect the required sum of 1300LVL which was sufficient for us to publish the book, print briiC cards and arrange book presentation. Publishing of “In One Shot” was supported by companies which bought advertising places on book back cover.
"I’m saying huge "Thanks" to the team of „In One Shot” and also to everyone whose name appears in the section “Thanks ”! And my usual “thanks” to the others ;) "
Latvian version of the book has just been published but it is also planned to hold Russian and English version in our hands. We face some translation difficulties – some pictures can not be translated without loosing the main idea whereas they do sound meaningful in Latvian. For this reason some drawings will not be included in Russian and English edition but don’t feel upset – we will definitely add something tasty!
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– "In One Shot" team